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New AuthorWriting a book is a major achievement and one many talk about but few will ever accomplish. But what happens once your book is finished? Securing a good review is an important¬†first step but gaining wider notice of your book is critical in today’s overcrowded market.

We can help here as well. We can help you write a press release for your book in a way which catches attention. Too many authors attempt to write a press release which then simply turns out to be an advertisement. The world’s press are not keen on free advertising! They charge massive fees for advertising space so if you release looks more like an advert than a news item it will never be accepted, unless you pay of course!

The other common mistake authors commonly make is believing that simply publishing a book is in itself newsworthy. It’s not. With 150,000 new titles being published each month there is nothing newsworthy about one more.

So, how to create a newsworthy item from an everyday event? This is where top Press Agents can charge thousands, fees usually well out of the reach of the average first-time author. This is where we can help. We work with you to turn the publishing of your book into a newsworthy item and one which will stand more chance of being picked up. You can the arrange the distribution yourself or, if you prefer, we can release the press release through our own contacts.

Another option we offer is a list of over a thousand press and media contacts across the globe for you to contact personally and to give your book an even greater chance.

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