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We have two new authors for you to discover this time round. First Timer Kay Carswell has penned a remarkable novel of strange and mysterious goings-on in a big old house.. Meanwhile, Daniel Perusko brings us a tale of virtual reality that might turn out to be closer than we think in War of the Elements.

Looking after 100Anna Boyd is jobless, again, but thanks to her best friend Suzanne she lands the position of house sitter for a wealthy but mysterious couple; the Carltons.

Charles Carlton has taken a lifetime to build up his empire. He and his wife now live in luxury and own the opulent ‘Number One’, a beautiful house where nothing is quite what it seems. Read the full review.

War elements 500War of the Elements In the year of 2018, the world faced a new dawn. The birth of a true virtual reality world through a game called War of the Elements. Two highly skilled gamers including the socially awkward Drake and the free spirit Karla dive into this brave new world. Read the full review.