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The 2nd Coming of Orland Rock is mystery, a thriller, and a delve into a reality that allows us to believe in the ‘otherness’ of the world.

On the surface, there’s a family with a lot of problems and struggles to overcome. Madison had a son at fifteen and that boy grew up to be a man willing to walk with the darkness in life. All Madison wants to do is protect him.

That’s the first layer you encounter in this many faceted novel.

We also have Willi, an ordinary man who finds himself donning the mantel of a knight. He’s a potter to Madison’s artist and their love is both beautiful and swift.

The part of this story that really stands out is Madison’s ‘gift’. Giving away spoilers is rude, so details must be vague, but her drawings lead Willi into a world of mystery. Together they must save Madison’s son from a drug deal gone very badly wrong.

Along the way, Willi meets fascinating characters as he starts to unravel the story of Orlando Rock. There really are many layers to this novel.

It dives from the gritty streets of drug deals and sex workers, to gentle respites with an old woman who gives cookies and a story to a stranger.

The writing is swift, sharp, focused and creative. The characters leap off the page and remain with you, even the ones you never meet again. Every twist in the story reveals more of the mystery whispering to the reader, begging you to unravel the series of clues that race towards the climax.

If you enjoy a story that’s exciting, passionate, full of intrigue and mystery with a dose of darkness to balance the coming light, then you will enjoy this amazing book. The 2nd Coming of Orlando Rock is a wonderful, mysterious page-turner of a novel.