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Every so often we like to shine the spotlight on a new author, this time it is the turn of Réal Laplaine.

Réal LaplaineRéal Laplaine is Canadian author currently living in Sweden. He specialises in High Concept thrillers, with occasional touches of Science Fiction or Paranormal. Currently with eight books published and another on the way, Réal is certainly prolific and keeps his growing fan base well fed. His Keeno Action series of novels featuring the Canadian Anti-Terrorist Unit are already garnering praise from the literary press and with swathes of glowing reviews on Amazon testifying their popularity the series looks set to be a long runner.

One of his earlier books though was a complete break in style and is a charming tale of a young Abba fan running away from his troubled home in order to persuade  Agnetha Fältskog, Abba’s blonde singer, to reform the band for one last concert. Réal is not afraid to tackle delicate subjects when the plots demand and has turned his sharp eye to such diverse subjects as 9/11, modern slavery and even growing old!

Asked what makes him such a prolific author, he replies, “Everyone enjoys the escape. The thrill of living vicariously through the eyes and skin of characters who do things we may never do, or who in fact, mirror parts of our own lives, or who taunt us to live up to our ideals, our potentials – to our dreams. I write because it’s a thrill, because coffee is cheap and I can sit and drink it all day while conjuring up stories for readers to enjoy. Reading is soul food. It opens new horizons to us, it stretches the mind and it reminds us that no dream is too big to realize.”

His latest novel, Intrusion has just been published by Netherworld Books and you can read the full review here.

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