Chords for the Dead

From The Publisher

An exciting new novella from the author of the acclaimed Knights of Camelot Series.

When the dead boyfriend looks back at you from a bathroom mirror it’s time to take stock of your life.

Charlie Carter was a successful rock guitarist. He was also a drunk. After the tragic death of Sebastian, his boyfriend, Charlie’s still trying to piece his life together, but when he’s almost fatally stabbed his carefully controlled existence is turned upside down forever.

Sebastian needs Charlie’s help to save a child from a ritualistic murderer, and with any luck it’ll mean the ghost can rest in peace once more. Charlie just has to juggle the new love, the dead love, and his addictions.

This is a paranormal thriller set to bring a great new slant to the traditional detective series.

Chords for the Dead is… well written and well paced, the narrative voice is strong but also accessible. Whether you love a good romance, a good thriller, or a good ghost story, this should push your buttons.” Claire Ashton – The Book Reviewer

The Book Blogger Review

Fitting a romance, thriller and ghost story into a novella isn’t easy, but Chords for the Dead does just that and it’s good.

We all have our favourite authors and I do enjoy a good detective thriller, so when I realised this was also a gay love story, I was slightly worried. However, it’s well written, fast paced, engaging and the romance is handled with due reverence. It’s not cheapened for thrills nor is it gory – that covers the sex and the murders. The protagonist is a worn and slightly damaged human being who is refreshingly grown-up and although he talks about beautiful people at various times you have the feeling he knows it’s all in the eye of the beholder and that’s unusual. There’s a tenderness to him that forces the reader to empathise with a damaged person and that gives the reader a feel-good factor missing in many stories these days.

If you want a fast read that’s engaging, full of interesting characters and a plot that’s just tangled enough for a short book, then you’ll love this one. It would be great to see a detective series, with a gay protagonist, go mainstream and if that were to happen with Chords for the Dead I’d be a happy reviewer.