About Us

Who Are We?

Book DreamsThe Book Blogger is run by a small team of industry professionals with expertise in publishing, editing, marketing and writing. Our goal is to bring new authors to the attention of readers and to showcase new writing talent in a market sadly dominated by the same boring names.

We choose books to review based on the simple criteria of an enjoyable read. We’re not looking for the next James Joyce or Salmon Rushdie and, we believe, neither are most readers. We are looking for authors with a talent for story-telling and a spark that catches our attention and hopefully that of the book buying public. As we are focusing on the smaller publishers or self-published books we recognise that the production values of a book are possibly not going to compete with the likes of Harper Collins or Penguin but we believe it’s the story that counts and not how much has been spent on the cover art. We have even been known to tolerate the odd typo!

We accept submissions from both publishers and authors, although sadly, we can only review a very small number of the thousands we receive. We try to bring a variety of books into the spotlight and our review panel has eclectic tastes covering most genres.

We do hope you enjoy our selection and trust you go on to buy one or two of the books featured here. If you would like to submit a book for possible review, please follow our guidelines here.