Little M

Little M

Little M 500

From the Publisher

I am going to tell you a story, the untold story about a child, not any old story but a true story. This is the story about my unborn child. Named ‘Little M’, her tireless battle for survival ended on March 28th 1996 due to Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. During this short extract of my life, I will take you on a journey. Everyone will have an opinion, and everyone will form one, but these are my opinions and I am inviting you to share in them. Take a walk in my shoes and look through my eyes. Share too in my feelings, laughter and my tears as well as my joy and my sadness.

The Book Blogger Review

An interesting and difficult read, an Eastenders script which is real life, not some strange fantasy world. This book challenges you to see the darkness in both perpetrators and victims, in fact, during some parts of the book you aren’t sure who is what!
That being said, it’s a beautiful story, you’ll cry and you’ll laugh, but most of all you’ll understand what it is to survive a real life. The painful death of a newborn child is the true centre of this story, and watching it build, following Jeanie, then experiencing her tragedy after the event, is hard and teaches us all about the reality of such an event. It’s so sad, and yet through this terrible pain, our heroine (there is no other word), drives herself forward, all alone, into a new life.
This redemption, this grace, makes the pain of some scenes worth it because the hope we are given is just perfect.
The writing is quick, the narrative flows with incredible intensity and the dark passions are explored with great brevity which leaves the reader to formulate their own opinions. It’s not easy, it’s a strong stomach that can deal with the tragic death of a child in literature, but it’s so worth the effort. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but when it lets you down the burden it places on the suffer is terrible. For readers who have suffered domestic abuse, child mortality, and family who would sooner see you broken than seeking salvation, this is a book that will give them something amazing – hope. That’s what so amazing about this story – the hope.