Helping New Authors Find Readers & Readers To Find New Authors

Book HeavenIn a world where new books are being published at the rate of 150,000 titles per month, one might think choosing a good read would be easy.  However, such a vast choice is not only overwhelming it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the hidden treasures within such a vast pile. With increasing pressures on our time and reading becoming a precious luxury, many of us are reluctant to risk trying new authors and simply follow our favourite authors or stay with the big names.

The Book Blogger exists to help new authors find readers and to help readers find new authors. Our mandate is simple, we only review books our reviewers like and feel are worthy of inclusion here. We do not give bad reviews as quite simply, we do not review bad books! For people who enjoy reading scathing reviews or nasty comments there are plenty of websites out there that take delight in destroying authors but this isn’t one of them.

We like to focus on those books from independent authors and publishers who are often overlooked by the literary press in their pursuit of the next celebrity memoirs or latest Stephen King. The world is full of new and exciting talent which is unfortunately becoming buried under the literary equivalent of a landslide.

You may have noticed by now that we do not sell books here so we have no agenda in the books we review. Nor do we bombard you pop-up adverts from ‘Carefully Selected Partners’ or fill your computer with cookies and other nasty things. So please help us by spreading the word, sharing on Facebook or Twitter etcetera and perhaps, just buying a book or two to support an independent author.

So, read our reviews, enjoy a new author and support the independent author.

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